What is Glass Gripper and how did it start?

      Glass Gripper started as a memory foam, adhesive sticker, that can be cut to any size or shape, to fit, and protect, any fragile, or breakable item you might have. I designed this product after owning a smoke shop, (Solorzano’s Smoke Shop of Siesta Key back in 2007) and hearing countless customers tell me how they broke or chipped there piece while placing them down. So one night while at home (smoking a fat blunt) i asked my self what can I do to protect my piece…??? That’s when Glass Gripper was born…..

I was in my kitchen grabbing something to drink, when i seen the rubber lining that is used in cabinets and drawers to place your glasses and dishes on. I cut out a circle of this material and used crazy glue to stick it to the bottom of my bong, and that’s when i realized i was on to something. I still had a lot of hard work cut out for me, finding the right material, mass producing hundreds of thousands of circles in three different sizes and six different colors, getting my Patent, getting my Trade Mark, gorilla marketing, and trying to get wholesale companies to buy my new product.

Since then we have been in countless magazines all around the world, came out with new products, and sell to almost every major wholesaler and smoke shop everywhere! We also came out with Glass Gripper 2.0, Glass Gripper Glow, and now have the best one we ever created, Glass Gripper 3.0!!!

Protect Your Piece! Stop Chipping and Breaking your Glass Water Pipes with GLASS GRIPPER 3.0!!! Our all new material is Sticky on BOTH sides, to keep people from knocking over your expensive glass. Once applied and you set down your piece, you will feel the difference. Your piece will be secure, and not move, unless you (twist & pull) your piece up!  Glass Gripper 3.0 is by far the best Glass Gripper we ever made, period. Our new material is like something you never seen before! No more sticker, sticky on both sides, leaves No sticky residue, REUSABLE, washable when dirty, easy to cut, molds to anything, FREE 2 INCH in every package, and is available in 4 inch or 6 inch packaging. The FREE 2 INCH is great for using as a lighter leash, or for keeping any of your smoking tools right where you need them at all times. When Glass Gripper 3.0 isn’t sticky  anymore, just wash and blow dry and its back to new!


GG 3.0


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